Mission / Vision :

It is our mission to achieve physical, mental and moral growth of the students and create in them quest for learning so that it can be knowledgeable and competitive enough to face life. Spreading of comprehensive education is the core responsibility of educated society.

Children are deeply influenced by the way their school is organized. There is a continuous debate on the degree to which intelligence is product of inheritance or of environment. And sure conductive environment in schools help in the attainment of high level of intelligence.

School which is an oasis of excellence and achievement in an area of deep social and economic deprivation, is now in the vanguard or a radical shake-up of education that promises for all children and confirm the country as a global trendsetter for enlightened educational thinking.

A forward thinking education system that addresses the needs and identity will always balance the society. Children are the hope of the future and I am sure that mission shall be accomplished. It is the responsibility of every one to work towards the global integration.