Education does not take place in a vacuum but rather it is located in a social space.The society to which education is imparted has a history, structures, institution, people, classes and values, Education involves a learning process. The growth of human being from birth to death comes within the purview of education At the birth of a child, though endowed with innate abilities yet he is ignorant of his social and physical environs which surrounds him. He learns about it gradually and gets educated.

In a narrow sense education transmits knowledge and instills it in the bearer. Education has been institutionalized in the modern societies. It is provided with specific objectives through specially designed curriculum in the institutions according to one’s level of growth. Though education of child starts from its inception yet formal education is imparted to the individual either in the colleges or universities. For tertiary level education as such, the meaning that any particular form of education as need to be understood is from the view point of those who use it and those who do not use it.

I am sure that the students, teachers and parents will enjoy the relationship with the trust and as well as Shree Swaminarayan International Gunatit Vidhyadham. Let us do our part with zeal and commitment in this noble profession.