Fees will be collected by school at fee counter. The required money deposited within the specified time period. If you are late in the payment of fees, the same should be deposited with the late fee at the school fee counter.

  1. Parents are requested to pay the school fees within the specified period for each half yearly mentioned below :
  •        I – Term: 15th April                                                 II – Term: 30th November
  1. After first month of the due date period, fees may be deposited with a fine as per the following details :
    • 10/- per day upto last day of the concerned month.
    • 20/- per day for the next month.
    • There after Rs. 30/- per day upto date of deposite.

Non – deposite of fees after the due date will force the school authorities not to allow child to appear for exam and to strike off the name of the students from the roll without prior notice.

  1. Parents are requested to make records of fees slips and caution money slips which is required at the time of T.C.
  2. Fee once deposited will not be refunded in any case except caution money.


Payment to be made in two terms by Demand draft, Cheque, cash as per the directives of school authorities at the school against receipt.


  1. In case of a withdrawal from school a written notice must be given and signed by both parents one calendar month in advance, otherwise the fee for one month in lieu of the notice period will be charged.
  2. No transfer certificates will be issued until all the school dues are cleared.
  3. A fees of Rs. 200/- will be charged for issue of a duplicate copy of the Transfer Certificate after the parent submits an affidavit about the loss of the original certificate.