Shri Hari Sarvoday Trust was founded by the founder Shri Shastri Lakshmi Prasad Dasji living in Valsad, Abrama. In 2009 our Guruji Kothari Swami Hari Krishna Dasji was performing his Sadhana in the spiritual proximity of the Lord Hanumanji at Shree Swaminarayan Vidyalaya, Gotri, Vadodara (Gujarat). Then Pujya Swami Hari Krishna Dasji ordered and guided us to proceed in the social services for the poor and needy people.

We set out to explore the place where knowledge and human values can be given. In this exploration we came across B.L. Shashtri the disciple of reverence Shashtri Lakshmi Prasad ji. We told him about our wish for social service B.L. Shashtri told us if we would start from Chikhli, the place which belonged to Akshar Niwasi Chhabildas Ghelabhai Gandhi, he would discuss with his teacher (Guru) we promised B.L. Shahtri to do the same. We came to the place with our teacher (Guru) and the teacher ordered us to start from here. It is the bank of the Kaveri River in which Lord Swami Narayan took Holy Bath with 18 saints. It is his bank of the river. He ordered us to establish educational organization perform and social services by staying over there. As per his order and blessed by Lakshmi Prasad Swamiji had been appointed as the President of Shree Hari Sarvodaya Trust with the help of this Trust we do so many social services like to adopt orphan children and provide good education till they want. The expenses of their food, accommodation, education etc. endured by Shree Hari Sarvodaya Trust. Wood for the cremation is also donated by the trust if any poor people passed away in the neighborhood area. Tricycle for disabled, sewing machine for the widows, medical expenses and clothes for the needy. These kind of social services are observed and rendered the help by the Shri Hari Sarvodaya Trust.