Through with our budding years, well nourished is well equipped. We are ready to leap to a newer heights at SIGV.

Learning combines total concentration towards exploring the unknown and seeking the right. The ideal education trains a mind into authentic questioning and acceptance with proof and satisfaction. Education is a blend, a synthesis, an amalgamation of forces that urge curiosity. Education is not always giving the right answer, is certainly asking the right question!

The Indian tradition has long espoused the cause of learner oriented teaching guided by learner oriented teaching materials. If we dwell into the ancient Indian tradition, we shall find the importance and relevance of experience oriented learning that has been the hallmark of Indian excellence through the ages.

Every individual learner is divinely ordained towards a greater and larger purpose in life. Mere bookish knowledge is too small to measure to accomplish the gigantic objectives of human endeavour. The basic idea lies in the understanding and application of available creativity. A sound pattern of education exposes the emergence of the individual from the common mass.

Education should be an intensified focus on enabling the search of the individual The Individual, should be recognized and groomed.

Shree Swaminarayan International Gunatit Vidhyadham, the march towards glory, is a demonstration of the students, parents and the management. We are determined to make our young learners carry this experience with nostalgia throughout their lives. In order to sustain the momentum of development and carry forth the torch of enlightening young souls.