Lord Shree Swaminarayan On 3rd April 1781, Lord Swaminarayan made His advent in a humble village of Chhapaiya, North India. A series of divine miracles glorified His childhood. For revining shoals of dead fish. He proceeded to unfurl the marvels of spiritual excellence by elevating people to the sublime heights of trance. By the playful, age of 7, He had mastered the Vedas, Upanishads, BhagwatGita and Ranayana. He defeated renowned pandits at a scriptural debate in Varansi at the tender age of 11; He renounced the world to perform penance and redeem countless souls on the soul of India. For, 7 long, arduous, He moved from the icy peaks of the Himalays through thickets and deserts, to the very tip of southern India; finally to settle in Gujarat He sanctified the length and breadth of india – a journey of over 25000 Kms barefooted and wearing a single loin cloth!

When only 21, He was appointed as Spiritual Guru of a large following by a Vaishnava Guru. His – irresistible divine presence attracted master of all fields to join His following the rapidly to 2 million of which 2000 were saints of the highest purity. During His very life-time, people worshipped him as the God-supreme and out of compassion He asserted the Spiritual equality of may by extending full attention to the poor and the sinful. Through his Well-disciplined system. He refined society which was corrupt politically, disrupt socially and bankrupt spiritually. Love and nonviolence, His principles purged society from its malpractices, addictions, superstitions and harmful beliefs. Welcoming all, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, race and nationality into his care, He crowned them with ultimate liberation. After a short span of 49 years, He left this world, enriching several educational centres and treasures of spiritual wisdom in the two scriptures Vachanamritam and Shikhshapatri.