<strong>Guidelines to Parents Students</strong></span>
  1. The school expects co-operation from the parents to ensure that their ward.
    • Comes to school regularly, punctually and dressed neatly.
    • Carries all the books and notebooks according to the time-table.
    • Does not carry valuable to school.
    • Is prepared for revision and brings test notebooks to school every Monday

Takes a balanced interest in academics and co-curricular activities.

  1. Parents are requested, to take care that their Ward:
    • Maintains personal hygiene like: trimming of nails, cleaning ears and teeth on regulars basis.
    • Sleeps for at least eight hours daily. Takes a balance diet.
    • Avoids buying eatables from road side vendors.
  1. Parents Should:
    • Deworm all children at least once very year. (Advice to be taken from the family physician)
    • Get their vaccinated as per the advice given by the family doctor.
    • Encourage this ward to develop a healthy attitude towards the community, school and the nation.
  1. The remarks which may be made in the school diary by the teachers should be regularly seen.
  2. Parent’s remarks can be in the school diary on the relevant pages for information of the teachers.
  3. Report card is signed and sent back within 5 days of its receipt.
  4. Daily pocket money is restricted – excessive spending should be discouraged.


<strong>Parents Testimonial</strong></span>

Code of Conduct for Student</span>
  • Students must obey house captain, monitors and other students on duty.
  • No junk food such as – kurkure, chips or other packet food items etc. and acrated drinks are allowed in the school.
  • No – Non-Vegetarian food is allowed in the school premises.
  • Chewing gum is not allowed in school/ school bus.
  • Bulling, fighting, teasing, shooting, hooting, whistling, throwing things / water at each other is strictly prohibited.
  • Unfair means in tests/exams (UFM) is not tolerated.

  1. It is compulsory for all students to attend the sanctuary in the morning. Students should arrive in the school ten (10) minutes before the bell.
  2. It is obligatory for students to attend every class as per the time table.
  3. No child shall leave the school premises during regular school hours. Half day leave will not be allowed. No permission with telephonic calls. Appointment with doctors and other engagement should not be fixed during the school hours.
  4. All students must come to school in the specified uniform.
  5. Any students failing short of 80% attendance will not be allowed to sit in the end of the academic year examination. Parents are requested to verify the attendance of their ward regularly especially during the parents teacher meeting.

Transportation Rules</span>
  1. Transportation Service Is A Facility Provided By The School Management & Its Optional.
  2. School bus facility are available.
  3. Bus fee is applicable for session only.
  4. One month clear notice is required for discontinuing bus facility.
  5. Transport service will be provided till the nearest point and no door pickups & drops will be done.
  6. Transport service charges are not fixed and depend on the fuel price and inflation levels.
  7. Transportation charges are liable to change after six months.
  8. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited for drivers during driving. Conductors will take calls in case of emergency.

School Uniform</span>


Students should come to school in the school uniform specified. Girls may wear tiny studs or small rings in their ears but danglers and no coloured ear rings. No nail paint, please nail should be cut short.


Girls    : Pina Frock with checks, white shirt, black buckled shoes, white plain socks and black short tights.

Girls having long hair should put two plaits with black rubber band. For Short hair put black hair band.

Boys   : Checks half pant, White shirt, black shoes with laces and white plain socks.

White handkerchief, school belt and identity Card is common for all.

Class 1 to 10:

Girls : Pina frock Grey(with school logo) with Skyblue shirt, black buckled shoes, white plain socks, black full length leggings, tie, school belt, ID Card and white handkerchief.

Girls having long hair should put two plaits with black rubber band. For short hair put black hair band.

Boys: Full Grey pant, Skyblue shirt with school logo, black shoes with laces and white plain socks, tie, school belt, ID card and White handkerchief.

Pre Primary to Class 10 :

Sports Dress: Navy blue T-Shirt with school logo, Lower and white canvas shoes.

Students needs to wear every Wednesday and Saturday of the week.

Winter: Regular uniform with Navy blue woollen sweater with school logo.

Class 11 to 12 :

Girls & Boys: Cream coloured shirt with black lining, dark grey coloured trouser and coat, black shoes with laces, white lining socks, Navy blue tie with lining, Identity Card and white handkerchief.

School Timing

 Nursery Section

 7:45 AM – 12:00 PM

 Jr.Kg. – Sr.Kg.

 7:45 AM – 01:45 PM

 Class 1 – 8

 7:45 AM – 01:45 PM

 Class 9 – 12

 7:45 AM – 04:00 PM

Leave Application

Leave Application Form for the students which students can download after filling submit to the class teacher.

Leave Application Form

T.C. Application Form

T. C. Application Form